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Product Introduction By self-research and development in years of experience we produce the new type of Wireless Digital Double-Flange Differential-Pressure Type Liquid Level Transmitter of ACD-Z3150L. It adopts the most advanced micro pow




Product Introduction
By self-research and development in years of experience, we produce the new type of Wireless Digital Double-Flange Differential-Pressure Type Liquid Level Transmitter of ACD-Z3150L. It adopts the most advanced micro power consumption devices and improved compensation software. Key components and parts are imported, the instrument was made with strict assembly, test and aging, to ensure the quality of this instrument.

   ACD-Z3150L has the characteristics of advanced design, complete variety, easy installation , etc. In compare with traditional 3051, 1151 series of products, the installation of ACD-3150L can be used as substitutes for innovation and technology improving immediately. In order to adapt to the continuous improvement of domestic level automation and development, ACD-Z3150L is designed with function of pressure display on the spot , in addition to its small and delicate design.
Product Patent

Utility model patent certificate
  ①ZL2008 2 0028605.1  《Buttons and LCD display of digital instrument》
  ②ZL2015 2 0269374.3  《One Lithium Battery for Gauge Power Supply》
③ZL2009 2 0062360.9  《Constant current driving circuit with micro power consumption low voltage drop sensor》
  ④ZL2014 2 0475830.5  《One kind of gauge head for pressure and temperature gauge》

Appearance design patent certificate
  ⑤ZL2014 3 0300364.2  《Gauge Head for Pressure/ temperature Gauge》
  ⑥ZL2008 3 0019531.0  《Instrument (Pressure Testing Gauge)》
  ⑦ZL2016 3 0017009.3  《Appearance Design patent certificate (antenna cover)》
  - Suitable to the medium With solid particles, suspended solids, precipitation, easy to crystallization, high temperature and other special viscous;
  - For the level measure of various of sealed oil tank, water tank, and liquid tank or processing tank;
  - Need to isolate Transmitter from the high temperature medium;
  - Suitable to be used for places where it request isolation the transmitter from the high temperature medium which would be changed or crystallized due to environment or temperature change;
- the measurement process must be kept sanitary, and the corrosive or viscous liquid is strictly prohibited; 
  - High Accuracy and stability, small size, light weight, and strong vibration resistance ; 
  - High performance of one way overload protection, no movable components, less maintenance; 
  - Unified structure for whole series instrument, components can be replaced with each other. The diaphragm material that contacts the medium, can be selected; 
  - 11 types of pressure units available for configuration;
  - Acquisition Speed (1~60)S/A (S=second , A=acquisition ),settable freely;
  - Its development design for battery power supply, makes the battery replacement very convenient at any moment;
  - Buttons is designed to be pressed with magnetic induction pen, to eliminate interference and uneasy to broke down; 
  - Broad 5 digits LCD display, very clear for eye-catching;
  - Display pressure with percentage bar chart, easy to understand;
  - Automatic temperature compensation technology, to reduce error in bad environment;
  - Zero self stabilization technology to increase the stability of the instrument;
  - AES-128 encryption algorithm, network authentication and network authorization, data security and reliability;
  - Automatic frequency hopping technology , is a unique ability of interference resistance;
  - Explosion proof structure, all weather application safely;        

Product Parameter
  Display Units 
  Pa  、  kPa 、  MPa
  psi  、  bar  、  mbar
  inH2O    、   mmH2O
  inHg      、   mmHg
  Measure Range
  Differential Pressure :0~1kPa  to   0~4MPa

  Accuracy Grade
  0.075%F.S    、     0.1%F.S     、      0.2%F.S

  Power Supply
  One piece of built-in 3.6V high volume lithium battery

  Acquisition Speed
  (1~60)S/A  ( S=second ,  A=acquisition ) , default is 5S/A, time is settable.

  Superior to 0.1%FS/Year

  Battery Service Life
  One Built-in 3.6V high volume lithium battery, reference with environment temperature(16~25)℃
  Acquisition Speed
  4A/S   2A/1S   1A/1S   1A/2S  1A/3S  1A/4S  1A/(5~10)S
Battery Life
3 years     
  Environmental Temperature

  Relative Humidity

  Atmospheric Pressure

  Correction reference environment temperature: :20℃±2℃
  When 0.075%F.S , the gauge environment temperature :(0~50)℃  

  The Medium temperature
  Wide Temperature:(-70~400)℃Flange type installation, filled with high temperature silicone oil

  6 Digits LCD display  +  percentage bar chart

  Protection Grade 

  Explosion proof Grade 
  ExiaIICT4 Ga

  Overload Pressure 
  Max. Hydrostatic Pressure:16MPa
  One way Max. Overload Pressure:16MPa
  Two way Max. Overload Pressure:24MPa  
Note :Overload pressure depends on the measure range 

Wireless Technology
  Wireless Spectrum
  ISM(2.4~2.5)GHz(IEEE 802.15.4 DSSS)

Wireless authentication
  a、Zigbee:FCC ID: MCQ-XBS2C,IC: 1846A-XBS2C
  b、WirelessHART:IEC 62591 HART,GB/T 29910.1~6-2013  HART

  Wireless Protocol
  a、Zigbee:Zigbee 2007(compatible with CNPC’S A11-GRM communication protocol)

  Receive Sensitivity

  Transmit Power

  Communication Distance

  Network Security
AES-128 encryption algorithm, network authentication and network authorization
Anti-Interference Ability
Automatic frequency hopping


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