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Product Pictures Product Introduction ACI-2WG-3 simple wireless gateway is a simplified version of the standard wireless gateway.As a simple receiving device ACI-2WG-3can be used to collect manage and monitor the real-time data through it




Product Pictures

Product Introduction 
ACI-2WG-3 simple wireless gateway is a simplified version of the standard wireless gateway. As a simple receiving device, ACI-2WG-3 can be used to collect, manage and monitor the real-time data through its self-organizing wireless network, and provide universal data integration with RS-485 based Modbus communication to the user. At the same time equipped with 2 analog current signal output, so that the original system without any changes can quickly complete the transformation of the old system, the maximum guarantee the integrity of the original system.
The products using high performance industrial grade 32-bit processor and industrial class wireless communication module, integrated nowadays is the most popular of the three kinds of industrial wireless communication way: ZigBee, WirelessHART, GPRS / CDMA, based on embedded real-time operating system as software platform, with data priority alarm, data burst priority, address priority mechanism, ensure that monitoring data in real time, and has wireless gateway industry security, scalability, reliability of data, through owned network can be added at any time other equipment, and automatic network management, to ensure that field devices have the most reliable data transmission path.
Product Characteristics
-Support a variety of network topologies such as star, tree, mesh, etc.;
  -The system is flexible and reliable, with the mechanism of data alarm priority, data mutation priority, address priority and so on;; 
- the network has the function of self adaptation, and it can find the best communication path without manual intervention;
-Network expansion has the ability to restructure, when the network appears obstacles, it can automatically find the best way to find the best communication path; 
- 2.4GHz universal frequency, can be subdivided into 16 channels;
- with the expansion of frequency hopping technology, unique anti-interference ability to increase the reliability of communication;
- wireless communication, without wiring, saving labor and construction costs, and improve efficiency;  
- Gateway access uses standard interface protocol, and the integration of the existing host system is transparent and seamless; 

Product Parameters
  Wireless Spectrum 
  a、ZigBee:ISM(2.4~2.5)GHz(IEEE 802.15.4 DSSS)
  b、WirelessHART:ISM(2.4~2.5)GHz(IEEE 802.15.4 DSSS)
  c、GPRS/CDMA:Meet the standard of GPRS/CDMA 1x Regulations

  Wireless Authentication 
  a、Zigbee:FCC ID: MCQ-XBS2C,IC: 1846A-XBS2C
  b、Wireless HART:IEC 62591 HART,GB/T 29910.1~6-2013  HART
  c、GPRS/CDMA:Meet the standard of ETSI GSM Phase 2+、 FCC/SAR和CDG 1/2&3 
  Wireless Protocol
  a、Zigbee:Zigbee 2007(Compatible with CNPC’S A11-GRM Protocol )
  c、GPRS/CDMA:Meet the standard of GPRS/CDMA 1x Regulations
  Receive Sensitivity
  c、GPRS/CDMA: Meet the standard of GPRS/CDMA 1x Regulations
  Transmit Power
  b、Wireless HART:8dBm(6.3mW)
  c、GPRS/CDMA:Meet the standard of GPRS/CDMA 1x Regulations
  Communication Distance
  c、GPRS/CDMA:Meet the standard of GPRS/CDMA 1x Regulations
  Network Security 
  AES-128 Encryption algorithm, network authentication and network authorization
  Anti-Interference Ability
  Automatic Frequency Hopping Technology
  Uplink Communication Interface

  Output Signal
  2 wires(4~20)mA output,output accuracy :0.2%FS
  Power Supply
  (12~30)V DC

  Whole System Power
  < 3W
  Environmental Temperature

  Relative Humidity

  Atmospheric Pressure

  Protection Grade

Short stick type fixed antenna, extended wire type suction cup antenna 
  Overall Dimension

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