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ACF-1-KB multi-parameter orifice flow meter

Brief introduction ACF-1-KB multi-parameter orificeflow meter is of simple structure no moving parts stable and reliable in long-term use high precision. High standardization degree good linear doesnot need solid flow calibration. Orif




Brief introduction
ACF-1-KB multi-parameter orifice flow meter is of simple structure, no moving parts, stable and reliable in long-term use, high precision. High standardization degree, good linear, does not need solid flow calibration. Orifice meter use agile and convenient; differential pressure flow meter is still used widely in domestic flow meters currently, according to estimates of relevant data: the consumption of dp flow meter is 75% - 85% of the total consumption. It is widely used in the steam boiler, petroleum, chemical, steel, electric power, water conservancy, papermaking, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries, etc.
Orifice flow meter installation requirement: 10DN in front of and 5DN behind of the straight pipe. Be sure to choose suitable flow meter according to the field condition when you consider buying one.



Measure theory
When fluid filled with pipe flow through the orifice, the flow will form local contraction at the throttling area of the orifice to accelerate the flow and reduce the static pressure, then there will be pressure drop also called differential pressure before and after the standard orifice. The bigger of the medium flow rate, the bigger of the differential pressure, so we can measure the flow rate by measuring the differential pressure. This measuring method is on the theory of law of conservation of mass and law of conservation of energy. 

Products patents
Utility Model Patent Certificate:
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②ZL 2012 2 0299081.6 《integrated static and differential pressure detect device》
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Patent for industrial design:
⑥ZL 2013 3 0412222.0  《instrument gauge》
- the structure is simple, safe and reliable, long life time, suitable for single well gas, coal-bed gas metering;
- convenient to change orifice plate, measuring range can be adjusted within wide range, meet the needs of the changes in different stages of the single well production capacity;
- no real flow calibration, high precision, convenient for batch production;
- high and low temperature resistance, resistance to high pressure, measurable gas, liquid and steam, the applicable scope is wide;
- show the cumulative flow and transient flow, pressure, temperature at the same time,
Technique Data:
Nominal Diameter: DN20~DN1000
Dominal Pressure: (0~32)MPa
Medium Temperature: (-50~700)℃
System Accuracy: 0.5/1/1.5/2/3
Max Range to Min Range: 4:1
Straight Pipe: 10DN in front and 5DN behind
Connection Type: Flange clamping type/Pipe welding type/Integrated embedded type
Operating Temperature: -30℃~70℃
Power Supply Mode: build-in 3.6V lithium battery or 7~30VDC
Output Signal: 4-20mA DC or RS485
Protection Degree: IP65
Exdl: ExdllCT6
Selection mode:

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