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ACF–1VZ integrated intelligent V-cone flow meter

Brief introduction ACF1VZintegrated intelligent V-cone flowmeter is a new kind of differential pressure flow measuring device its unique side wall contracts throttlingways step by step change almost all the shortcomings of traditional t




Brief introduction
ACF–1VZ integrated intelligent V-cone flow meter is a new kind of differential pressure flow measuring device, its unique side wall contracts throttling ways step by step, , change almost all the shortcomings of traditional throttling device, which is the revolutionary result of differential pressure flow meter. Its theory is principle of conservation of energy and flow continuity principle, which is the same as other differential pressure flow meters. It also has the function of self-rectification, self-cleaning, self-protection; very short requirement of the straight pipe, no pollution or congestion, can maintain long-term stability; high-frequency low-rising little noise of cone back-end makes measurement threshold relatively low, so that the range ratio can reach 15:1;The permanent pressure loss is only a third of orifice plate, same as Venturi tube. V-cone flow meter, therefore, can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, electricity, heating and other fields of national economy.




Measure theory
Cone flow meter is a differential pressure flow meter. The flow instrument designed on differential pressure has been more than one hundred years of the application history. The differential pressure flow meter is based on the energy conversion principle of the sealing pipeline, that is to say for stable fluid, pipeline pressure is inversely proportional to the square root of medium flow in pipe: speed increased pressure drop, when the medium close to the cone, the pressure is P1; when the medium through the throttling area, speed will increase and pressure decreases to P2, as shown in figure 1, P 1 and P2 are both leaded to the differential pressure transmitter through the cone flow meter taps, when flow rate changes, two differential pressure values between the taps will be increased or reduced. When the flow rates are the same, if the throttling area is large, the differential value is also big, beta is equal to the cone throttling area divided by the cross-sectional area of pipe diameter (can be converted to the diameters ratio.)
Products patents:
Utility Model Patent Certificate:
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Patent for industrial design:
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- a wide range of flow measurement, range ratio greater than 10:1;
- self-rectification, self-cleaning, measurable for dirt and scale formation fluid; suitable for blast furnace gas and other impurities medium
- can measure liquid, gas, steam and smudgy medium, wide flow measurement range;
- straight pipe measurement requirements is low, suitable for narrow space installation, such as heat exchanger station to measure steam and hot water, no straight pipe;
- the cone is adopting welding structure, when in high pressure and shock condition, choose carefully;
- show the cumulative flow and transient flow, pressure, temperature at the same time;
Technique Data:
Nominal Diameter: DN15~DN1000
Dominal Pressure: (0~25)MPa
Medium Temperature: (-50~700)℃
System Accuracy: 0.5/1/1.5/2/3
Max Range to Min Range: (10~15) :1
Straight Pipe: 3DN in front and 2DN behind
Connection Type: Flange clamping type/Pipe welding type
Operating Temperature: -30℃~70℃
Power Supply Mode: build-in 3.6V lithium battery or 7~30VDC
Output Signal: 4-20mA DC or RS485
Protection Degree: IP65
Exdl: ExdllCT6
Selection mode:

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