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ACF-Z1 wireless multi-parameter flow transmitter

Brief introduction: ACF-Z1 wireless multi-parameter flow transmitter is a multi-functional intelligent differential pressure flow transmitter which we useseveral yearssensor technology experience and carefully crafted. It sets differential




Brief introduction
ACF-Z1 wireless multi-parameter flow transmitter is a multi-functional intelligent differential pressure flow transmitter which we use several years’ sensor technology experience and carefully crafted. It sets differential pressure sensor, static pressure sensors, temperature sensors and flow integrating instrument at an organic whole, which can constitute integration differential pressure flow meter when combined with differential pressure throttle detection device (V-cone, nozzle, orifice, velocity-equalizing tube Annubar, etc.). Calculation of the measured medium (such as natural gas, steam, water, etc.) mathematical can directly display the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow of the medium volume or mass. Integration of the two most advanced industry wireless communication mode: ZigBee and WirelessHART. It adopted the advanced and perfect software management technology, micro power consumption device with data alarm, emergency, instrument faults, such as battery alarm priority mechanism; ensure the data real-time state monitoring and instrumentation, built-in high-capacity high-performance lithium batteries. Realize the remote real-time monitoring, wireless transmission, no need site wiring, saves on the ordinary instrument field wiring required, save the manpower and construction cost. The instrument is advanced in design, complete specifications and easy to install and use, which is the ideal upgrade product of traditional pressure transmitter. It is the revolutionary innovation of the traditional differential pressure flow meter system.


Products patents
Utility Model Patent Certificate:
①ZL2009 2 0062360.9  《micro power consumption and low pressure drop sensor constant current drive circuit》
②ZL 2011 20549792.X  《integration multiple differential pressure flow meter》
Significant Characteristic
- Micro power consumption, built-in battery, can still collect and integrate when power cut, to ensure trade safe
- Small volume, multi parameter, can connect to various throttling devices to be different flow meters;
- Built-in various throttling device operation models, meet the gas measurement standard;
- With static pressure compensation and temperature compensation technology, high precision, good stability;
- Laboratory parameters, no real flow calibration;
- “MTC temperature compensation technology” note①sensor unit and electronic unit;
- static pressure compensation technology, to ensure flow detection accuracy;
- the unique integration of pressure, differential pressure sensor design (has applied for a patent);
- outside installation of high precision temperature sensor, ensure the accuracy of compensation calculation;
- backup battery design, automatic switching when power cut, ensure the instrument measuring stability and safety of the trade;
- field configuration or remote configuration important internal parameters, convenient for operation maintenance;
- instantaneous flow, total flow, differential pressure, temperature, pressure and other parameters alternate displayed;
- the unique anti-interference design, suitable for radio frequency, electromagnetic and frequency converter;
- using 2.4 GHz ISM free frequency band, wireless transmission, no need of site wiring, reduce the manpower and construction cost;
Note①: MTC: Multiple temperature compensation means using several multiple temperature sensors to detailed enroll and compensation operate of the main sensor and electronic device, greatly improve the temperature characteristic of instrument.
Product parameters
Display content:

Parameter Display digits Selectable units
Differential pressure 5 Bar, kPa, MPa, psi
Static pressure 5 Bar, kPa, MPa, psi
Temperature 5 ℃, K
Instantaneous flow 6 Nm3/h, Sm3/h, m3/h, kg/h
Cumulative flow 9 M3, T, kg, L
Heat 9 J
Build-in battery: 3.6V industry lithium battery automatic switching when power cut design, can work continuously for two years
Sensor measure range and precision

Type Optional range Measuring precision Note
Differential pressure range 0-1.5-7-35-180-600kPa 0.1 Depends on working condition and throttling device
Static pressure range 0-2.5-6.4-10-16-25-32kPa 0.1 Depends on working condition and throttling device
Temperature range -50~400℃ 0.1 Three-wire Pt100 sensor
Operation temperature: -30~70℃
Relative humidity: 5%-95%RH
Barometric pressure: 70-106kPa
ExdI: ExiaIICT4 Ga
Protection degree: IP65
Wireless technique:
1. Wireless spectrum: ISM(2.4~2.5)GHz(IEEE 802.15.4 DSSS)
2.  Wireless authentication:   a. Zigbee:FCC ID: MCQ-XBS2C,IC: 1846A-XBS2C
                              b. WirelessHART:IEC 62591 HART,GB/T 29910.1~6-2013  HART
3.  Wireless protocol: a. Zigbee:Zigbee 2007
                      b. WirelessHART:IEC62591
4.   Receive sensitivity: a. ZigBee:-100dBm
                      b. WirelessHART:-95dBm
5.   Transmit power: 8dBm(6.3mW)
6.   Transmission distance: 300m 800m
7.   Network security: AES-128 encryption algorithm, the network authentication and authorization
8.   Immunity ability:  automatic frequency hopping technology
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