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ACL-Z level meter

ACL-Z level meter Brief introduction: ACL-Zserieswirelessmagnetostrictivelevel meter is high-tech intelligent level meter that we researchand develop according to the requirements of industrial field and we adopt the technology of sensor s




ACL-Z level meter
Brief introduction:
ACL-Z series wireless magnetostrictive level meter is high-tech intelligent level meter that we research and develop according to the requirements of industrial field, and we adopt the technology of sensor signal processing, mathematical modeling, information operation and intelligent communication technology accumulation. This gauge adopts the magnetoctrictive theory and has the advantages of high precision, long linear range and absolute position measurement, which can measure the tank liquid level accurately. It also has the advantages of high precision, strong environment adaptability, high reliability, simple installation, convenient maintenance. Wireless communication integrated the two most popular industrial wireless communication mode: ZigBee, WirelessHART, adopted the advanced and perfect software management technology, micro power consumption device with data alarm, emergency, instrument faults, such as battery alarm priority mechanism, ensure the data real-time state monitoring and instrumentation, built-in high-capacity high-performance lithium batteries. Realize the remote real-time monitoring, wireless transmission, no need site wiring, saves on the ordinary instrument field wiring required, save the manpower and construction cost. This level meter is widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, and other areas of the level measurement, and gradually replaces the other traditional liquid level meter; it has been the first choice of the liquid level measuring instrument.

When ACL-Z series wireless magnetostrictive level meter sensor works, the sensor circuit part will inspire a pulse current on the wire waveguide, when this current diffuses along the waveguide, it will produce the impulse current magnetic field around the waveguide.  Magnetostrictive theory, namely: strain pulse produced when different magnetic fields intersect, the detected time can calculate the accurate position of intersection. There is a float equipped outside sensor rod, this float can move up and down along with the change of the level. There is a group of permanent magnetic ring inside the float. When the impulse current magnetic field meet the circular magnetic field produced by float, the  magnetic field around the float will change, so as to make the waveguide wire made of magnetostrictive materials produce a torsion wave pulse in float position, this pulse will be returned along the waveguide at a fixed speed and detected by the detection institution. By measuring the time lag between the pulse electric current and torsion wave, we can know the float location that is liquid height. Magnetostrictive liquidometer technology advantage: magnetostrictive liquid level meter is suitable for high precision requirement of clean liquid level measurement, precision can reach 1 mm, the latest product precision can reach 0.1 mm.
Product application
- various types of tanks used in oil storage and processing, such as flash tank, separator, etc.;
- liquid level measurement, control and monitoring field such as chemical industry, water treatment, pharmaceutical, electric power, papermaking, metallurgy, boiler, etc. 
- high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, resistance to high pressure;
- resistance to dust, can measure steam, can install belt material without stop working,
- suitable for tank side mount, such as flash tank, separator, heating furnace level measurement;
- the backlit LCD display, easy to field observation at night;
- against lightning, anti-interference, explosion-proof design, used in flammable and explosive place;
- intelligent real-time self-tuning, accurate, stable and reliable;
- long service life, maintenance free, improve project quality and production efficiency;
- AES-128 encryption algorithm, the network authentication and authorization, safe and reliable data
- Automatic frequency hopping technology, has a unique ability to resist interference
Product parameter
1. Measuring Range:50-20000mm(customizable)
2. Accuracy Grade: 0.2grade±1mm、0.5grade±1mm、1grade±1mm
3. Linear error: ≤0.05%FS
4. Repeated accuracy: ≤0.002%FS
5. Power supply: 7.2V high performance lithium battery
6. Operating Environment: Temperature -30℃~70℃  relative humidity: <90%  barometric pressure 86-106KPa
7. Medium temperature: -40~85℃
8. Working pressure: ordinary pressure to 10MPa
9. Medium density: 0.5-2.0g/cm3
10. Protection Degree: IP65
11. Exdl: ExdIIBT4 Gb
Wireless technology
1. Wireless spectrum:  ISM(2.4~2.5)GHz(IEEE 802.15.4 DSSS)
2.   Wireless authentication: a、Zigbee:FCC ID: MCQ-XBS2C,IC: 1846A-XBS2C
                          b、WirelessHART:IEC 62591 HART,GB/T 29910.1~6-2013  HART
3.  Wireless protocol:   a、Zigbee:Zigbee 2007(compatible with CNPC oil and gas A11-GRM communication protocol)
4.   Receive sensitivity:  a、ZigBee:-100dBm
5.  Transmitting power:  8dBm(6.3mW)
6.   Transmitting distance:   300m 800m
7.   Network safety:  AES-128 encryption algorithm, the network authentication and authorization
8.   Immunity ability: automatic frequency hopping technology
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