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Sanitary Wireless Hydrostatic-Pressure Liquid Level Transmit

ACD-Z3L wireless digital liquid level transmitter is mainly composed of pressure sensor signal processing circuit central processing unit and wireless communication circuit. It adopts the most advanced micro power devices and improved sof




ACD-Z3L wireless digital liquid level transmitter is mainly composed of pressure sensor, signal processing circuit, central processing unit and wireless communication circuit. It adopts the most advanced micro power devices and improved software management technology. Its built-in high-capacity high-performance lithium battery power can work for 3 ~ 5 years. ACD-Z3L Realize remote real-time monitoring, wireless transmission, without the need for on-site wiring, eliminate the need for ordinary instruments on the field wiring trouble, saves manpower and construction costs. The instrument design is advanced, the variety is complete, the installation and use is simple, it is the ideal upgrade product of the traditional pressure transmitter.
Product Patent
Utility model patent certificate
  ①ZL200820028605.1  《Buttons and LCD display of digital instrument》
  ②ZL200920062360.9  《Constant current driving circuit with micro power consumption low voltage drop sensor》
Appearance design patent certificate
  ①ZL200830019531.0 《Instrument (Pressure Testing Gauge)》
  - For the level measure of well, pond, water tower, etc;
  - For the level measure and monitoring of water conservancy and hydropower;
  - Water level measurement of urban water supply and sewage treatment;
- Liquid level measurement and control in industrial field;
- Liquid level measuring for all kinds of open tank, water tank and liquid tank;

Product Characteristics
  - Support liquid density modification, can be directly measured in different media;
  - Acquisition speed (0.25~10)S/A (S=second, A=acquisition ), settable freely;
  - Its development design of battery power supply, is convenient to replace the battery at any time;

  - Buttons pressed with magnetic induction pen, exempt from interference, not easy to damage; 
  - Super Power Management Technology, battery life can be in service for 5~8 years;
  - Broad 5 digits LCD display, very clear for eye-catching;
  - Display the liquid level with percentage bar chart, easy to understand;
  - Automatic temperature compensation technology, to reduce the error in harsh environment;
- Zero Self-Stability technology, with temperature compensation automatically, stability reliable;
-AES-128 encryption algorithm, network authentication and network authorization, high data security and reliability;
    - automatic frequency hopping technology, has a unique ability to resist interference; 

Product Parameters
  Measure Range
  0~1mH2O~200mH2O    ( any scope within it )

  0.05%F.S  、  0.1%F.S   、   0.2%F.S   、    0.5%F.S

  Power Supply
  One pc of built-in 3.6V high volume lithium battery

  Acquisition Speed
  (1~60)S/A ( S=second , A=acquisition ),default is 5S/A,time is settable

  Superior to 0.1%FS/Year

Battery Service Life
  One Built-in 3.6V high volume lithium battery, reference with environment temperature(16~25)℃
  Acquisition Speed
  1 A/S   1A/2S   1A/3S   1A/4S  1A/5S  1A/6S  1A/(7~60)S
  Battery Life
  3 years
  Environmental Temperature

  Relative Humidity

  Atmospheric Pressure

  Correction reference environment temperature: :20℃±2℃
  When 0.05%F.S , the gauge environment temperature :(0~50)℃  
  The Medium temperature
  Normal (-40~120)℃
  Wide Temperature(-60~150)℃

  5 digits LCD display + percentage bar chart

  Protection Grade 

  Explosion proof Grade 
  ExiaIICT4 Ga

  Overload Pressure 
  (1.5~3)times of the range, depends on the measure range . 

Wireless Technology
Wireless Spectrum
  ISM(2.4~2.5)GHz(IEEE 802.15.4 DSSS)

  Wireless authentication
  a、Zigbee:FCC ID: MCQ-XBS2C,IC: 1846A-XBS2C
  b、Wireless HART:IEC 62591 HART,GB/T 29910.1~6-2013  HART

  Wireless Protocol
  a、Zigbee:Zigbee 2007(compatible with CNPC ‘s 11-GRM Communication Protocol)

  Receive Sensitivity

    Transmit Power

  Communication Distance

  Network Security
AES-128 encryption algorithm, network authentication and network authorization
Anti-interference Ability
Automatic frequency hopping


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