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Product Introduction ACD-200L Digital Liquid Level Meter adoptsthe most advanced micro power devices and improvedsoftware technology. Itsbuilt-in lithium battery can work for 5 to 10 years.Its features of large screen LCD displaywindow fiv




 Product Introduction
ACD-200L Digital Liquid Level Meter adopts the most advanced micro power devices and improved software technology. Its built-in lithium battery can work for 5 to 10 years. Its features of large screen LCD display window, five digits display are very eye-catching. ACD-200L is very suitable for field and laboratory use.


 Product Patent
Utility model patent certificate
  ①ZL200820028605.1  《Buttons and LCD display of digital instrument》
  ②ZL200920062360.9  《Constant current driving circuit with micro power consumption low voltage drop sensor》
Appearance design patent certificate
  ①ZL200830019531.0 《Instrument (Pressure Testing Gauge)》
  - For the level measure of well, pond, water tower, etc;
  - For the level measure and monitoring of water conservancy and hydropower;
  - Water level measurement of urban water supply and sewage treatment;
- Liquid level measurement and control in industrial field;
- Liquid level measuring for all kinds of open tank, water tank and liquid tank;
  - Support liquid density modification, can be directly measured in different media;
  - Acquisition speed (0.25~10)S/A (S=second, A=acquisition ), settable freely;
  - Its development design of battery power supply, is convenient to replace the battery at any time;
  - Buttons pressed with magnetic induction pen, exempt from interference, not easy to damage; 
  - Broad 5 digits LCD display, very clear for eye-catching;
  - Visual Level percentage bar chart display, easy to understand;
  - Automatic temperature compensation technology, to reduce the error in harsh environment;
  - Zero Self-Stability technology, with temperature compensation automatically, stability reliable;
 Product Parameters
  Measure Range
  0~1mH2O~200mH2O    ( any scope within it )

  0.05%F.S  、  0.1%F.S   、   0.2%F.S   、    0.5%F.S

  Power Supply
  One pc of built-in 3.6V high volume lithium battery

  Acquisition Speed
  (0.25~10)S/A (S=second, A=acquisition),default is 0.5 S/A, time is settable .

  Superior to 0.1%FS/Year

  Battery Service Life
  One Built-in 3.6V high volume lithium battery, reference with environment temperature(16~25)℃

Acquisition Speed ( A/S) 4/1 2/1 1/1 1/2
Service Life(year) 2.8 5 5.5 7
Acquisition Speed ( A/S) 1/3 1/4 1/(5-10)
Service Life(year) 9 10 >10
  Environment Temperature

  Relative Humidity 

  Atmospheric Pressure

  Correction reference environment temperature: :20℃±2℃
  When 0.05%F.S , the gauge environment temperature :(0~50)℃  

  The Medium temperature
  Normal (-40~120)℃
  Wide Temperature(-60~150)℃

  5 digits LCD display + percentage bar chart

  Protection Grade 

  Explosion proof Grade 
  ExiaIICT4 Ga

  Overload Pressure 
  (1.5~3)times of the range, depends on the measure range . 

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