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Product Introduction ACT-2C Storage-Type Temperature Gauge is a integrative gauge with functions of sight displaying data storage and communication .It can simultaneouslystore the temperature value and time while displaying at sight. Built




Product Introduction
 ACT-2C Storage-Type Temperature Gauge is a integrative gauge with functions of sight displaying, data storage and communication .It can simultaneously store the temperature value and time while displaying at sight. Built-in 2G Memory Card can storage more than 10 thousands pieces of data. Coordinating with USB Communication function software, it can be used for simple data acquisition, analysis, report, curve display. ACT-2C is a necessary equipment in the experimental data storage and collection .




Product Patent
Utility model patent certificate
①ZL200820028605.1  《Buttons and LCD display of digital instrument》
②ZL200920062360.9  《Constant current driving circuit with micro power consumption low voltage drop sensor》
Appearance design patent certificate
①ZL200830019531.0  《Instrument (Pressure Testing Gauge)》

-Temperature data acquisition , storage and analysis for oil-field and gas-well mouth;
- Temperature data acquisition,storage and analysis for city water supply network and natural gas pipe network.
-Lab Temperature Data acquisition and communication, and storage is realized in computers.
-Accuracy is up to 0.2grade, can meet high accurate requirement in temperature acquisition.
- Meet the requirements of corrosion, impact, vibration and other places temperature acquisition
Meet the requirements of corrosion, impact, vibration environments during temperature acquisition.
- Replace the pointer precision thermometer, to be the standard thermometer.

  -Temperature Bar Chart display, easy to read and understand;
  -Acquisition speed (1~7200)S/A,configurable freely; ( A=Acquisition) 
  - 4.1v rechargeable battery.  No need to worry for battery exchange during service life.
  - 10 thousands pieces of data storage capacity, convenient for data acquisition at hand at any time.
  - Buttons pressed by magnetic induction pen, avoiding the interference and uneasy to damage.
  -Broad LCD 5 digits display, Easy to distinguish. Display by temperature percentage bar chart, easy to read and understand.
  - The pressure spring mechanism is adopted, the temperature sensitivity is high, and the instrument response speed is fast.
  - Zero self stabilization technology to increase the stability of the instrument.

    Temperature Units Configurable:
  ℃(Centigrade)、℉(Fahrenheit degree)

  Measure Range:
  Thermo couple
  E:0~750℃   K:0~1200℃ 
  S:0~1300℃  B:0~1600℃

  Thermo resistance
  Pt100:-200℃~500 ℃

  Immersion Depth:
  50mm~2500mm ( can be customized )

  0.2 grade 、0.5 grade

  Superior to 0.3%FS/Year


  Built-in 4.1V rechargeable battery

  Acquisition Speed
  (1~7200)S/A, default is 1s/a, time is settable .

  Battery Service Life
  4.1V Built-in Rechargeable Battery, reference with condition:(16~25)℃
        Can be on duty for 4 years after recharged  at acquisition speed @  1S/A
  Environment Temperature

  Relative Humidity

  Atmospheric Pressure

  5 digits display + percentage bar chart

  Protection Level

Explosion proof grade
  ExiaIICT4 Ga  

  Software Introduction
  AncnView-R analysis software ( with USB communication), can Export instrument data, automatic storage, automatic drawing temperature curve, can be exported to Excel form, read, print, save. 
  Process Connection:
  Metric:M27×2、M20×1.5、M14×1.5 , etc
  UK / US Standard:G1/2、G1/4、NPT1/2、NPT1/4, etc.

  ①Radial  ②Axial   ③ Reel Packing  ④ Split
  Overall Dimension(mm)


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