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Product Introduction ACT-2CTF is a Data-Storable Temperature Gauge with sight display. Inner and external data memory cards with more than 12 million pieces of data memory capacity can acquire and backup the data at the same time safely. Yo




Product Introduction
  ACT-2CTF is a Data-Storable Temperature Gauge with sight display. Inner and external data memory cards with more than 12 million pieces of data memory capacity can acquire and backup the data at the same time safely. You can read the data by USB communication, and ANCN VIEW software has the function of data acquisition, analysis, report , graph , etc, with friendly interface and high efficiency of data procession ability. Large 6 digits LCD display is very sight-catching, it is a necessary device for lab data storage.

Product Patent
Utility model patent certificate
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Appearance design patent certificate
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  -Temperature data acquisition , storage and analysis for oil-field and gas-well mouth;
- Temperature data acquisition,storage and analysis for city water supply network and natural gas pipe network.
-Lab Temperature Data acquisition and communication, and storage is realized in computers.
-Accuracy is up to 0.2grade, can meet high accurate requirement in temperature acquisition.
  - Meet the requirements of corrosion, impact, vibration and other places temperature acquisition
Meet the requirements of corrosion, impact, vibration environments during temperature acquisition.
  - Replace the pointer precision thermometer, to be the standard thermometer.

  - Epoxy resin sealing materials, anti-vibration, temperature resistant ,instinctive safety and explosion-proof;
  -Acquisition speed (1~7200) S/A (A= one acquisition), settable freely;
  - Two memory cards of redundant design, can store and backup data safely and simultaneously ;
  -More than 12 million pieces of data memory capacity, with 10 stage programmable storage;
  - Built-in high precision clock chip, support storage of temperature and time at the same time;
  - Buttons pressed with magnetic induction pen, exempt from interference, not easy to damage;
  -Display with temperature percentage bar chart, Intuitive and easy to understand;
  -Signal isolation skill;Anti electromagnetic, electric frequency interference technology, ensure safety and correction of data;
  -Adopts Pressure spring type mechanism, the temperature sensitivity is high, the instrument response speed is fast;
  -Zero Self-stability technology , ensure the stability of instrument;

  Temperature Units Configurable:
  ℃(Centigrade)、℉(Fahrenheit degree)

 Measure Range:
  Thermo couple
  E:0~750℃   K:0~1200℃ 
  S:0~1300℃  B:0~1600℃

  Thermo resistance
  Pt100:-200℃~500 ℃

  Immersion Depth:
  50mm~2500mm ( can be customized )

  0.2 grade 、0.5 grade

  Superior to 0.3%FS/Year


  Power Supply
One Built-in 3.6V high volume lithium battery

  Acquisition Speed
  (1~7200)S/A, default is 1s/a, time is settable .

  Battery Service Life
  One Built-in 3.6V high volume lithium battery, reference with environment temperature(16~25)℃

Acquisition Speed ( A/S) 1/1 1/2 1/3 1/4
Service Life(year) 2.1 2.8 3 3.2
Acquisition Speed ( A/S) 1/5 1/6 1/(7-10)
Service Life(year) 3.4 3.6 >4
A/S means one Acquisition per Second
  Environment Temperature

  Relative Humidity

  Atmospheric Pressure

  Medium Status
  For Corrosive Medium:  Use strong armored core with anti-corrosive ability or add protection tube for armored core.
  Viscous medium: add Armored Core protection tube

  6 Digits LCD + percentage bar chart

  Protection Grade

  Explosion-proof grade
  ExiaIICT4 Ga  

  Software Introduction
  AncnView-R analysis software ( with USB communication), can Export instrument data, automatic storage, automatic drawing temperature curve, can be exported to Excel form, read, print, save. 
  Process Connection:
  Metric:M27×2、M20×1.5、M14×1.5 , etc
  UK / US Standard:G1/2、G1/4、NPT1/2、NPT1/4, etc.
  ①Radial  ②Axial   ③ Reel Packing  ④ Split
  Overall Dimension(mm)

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