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Briefintroduction ACD-2C Storage Digital Pressure Gauge is a digital gauge with local displayand data storage and communication function together. 100 thousand data storage capacity USB communication and other bundled softwarewhich has fun




Brief introduction
ACD-2C Storage Digital Pressure Gauge is a digital gauge with local display and data storage and communication function together. 100 thousand data storage capacity, USB communication and other bundled software which has functions of data acquisition, analyze, report and graph. Humanized interface design and efficient data processing ability. Six figures display on big LCD screen, very striking, which is the essentials of experimental data acquisition.

Products patents
Patent for utility models
 ①ZL2008 2 0028605.1  《digital instrument button and display device》
 ②ZL2009 2 0062360.9  《micro power consumption and low pressure drop sensor constant current drive circuit》
Patent for industrial design:
 ①ZL2008 3 0019531.0  《instruments (pressure test gauge) 》

Product features
1. 11 units display: Pa  kPa  MPa  psi  bar  mbar  kgf/cm2  inH2O  mmH2O  inHg  mmHg
2. 0.025 ~ 7200 seconds per time acquisition speed
3. 4.1V rechargeable battery, not need to change battery
4. 100 thousand data storage capacity, easy to carry and collect data
5. magnetic induction button design
6. pressure percentage bar charts shows
7. signal isolation technique, anti-electromagnetic interference and RFI technique
8. zero stable technology, automatic temperature compensation technology

Product application
1. Oil and gas pressure data collection,  storage and analysis
2. Urban water network, heat supply network and gas network pressure data collection,  storage and analysis 
3. Lab pressure test and analyze
4. verify pressure (differential pressure) transmitter, precision pressure gauge, general pressure gauge
5. measuring corollary software of pressure monitor and other pressure instruments,
6. accuracy grade can arrive 0.05, which can meet high precision pressure acquisition
7. can work well in corrosive, impact and versatility environment
8. meet the lab and industrial field high precision pressure acquisition requirement 
Product parameter
1. Display unit: Pa  kPa  MPa  psi  bar  mbar  kgf/cm2  inH2O  mmH2O  inHg  mmHg
2. Measuring Range: Gage Pressure: -0.1MPa~260MPa
                  Differential Pressure: 0~3.5MPa
                     Aboslute Pressure: 0~60MPa
3. Accuracy grade: 0.05  0.1  0.2  0.5
4. Communication: RS485, USB
5. Span shift: suggested less than 3:1
6. Power supply mode:  build-in one 4.1V rechargeable battery
7. Picking rate:

Picking rate 50times per second 40times per second 30times per second
Time range setting 0.02-140s per time 0.025-180s per time 0.033-240s per time
Picking rate 20times per second 10times per second one time per second
Time range setting 0.05-360s per time 0.1-720s per time 1-7200s per time
8. Stability Performance:  +0.1% FS per year
9. Battery life:

Picking rate 4 times per second 2 times per second 1 time per second 1 time per 2s
Life time 2.8 yeas 5 years 5.5 years 7 years
Picking rate 1 time per 3s 1 time per 4s 1 time per (5-10)s
Life time 9 years More than 10 yeras More than 10 yeras
10. Operating temperature: -30℃~70℃
11. Relative humidity: <90% 
12. Barometric pressure: 86-106KPa
13. Others: Calibration reference operating temperature 20℃±2℃
0.05 accuracy requires operating temperature 0-50℃
14. Medium Temperature: General temperature range (-40~120)℃
                    Wide temperature range (-60~150)℃
15. Display mode: five figures dynamic display and percentage bar chart
16. Protection Degree: IP65
17. Exdl: ExiaIICT4 Ga
18. Overload Pressure: 1.5-3 times of measuring range, depending on the measuring range
19. Software configuration: AncnView R-SD digital instrument test software displaying instrument data, automatic recording, automatic drawing pressure curve and deriving to Excel, reading, printing and storage.
20. Process Connection: Metric M20×1.5、M14×1.5、M14×1
             US/UK Standard: G1/2、G3/4、G1/8、G3/8, NPT 1/2、NPT 1/4、NPT 1/8
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