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Briefintroduction ACD-1F Digital peak pressure gauge is a gauge with imported sensor high performance long life time high precision good stability and littlemaintenancefeatures. This gauge working mode can be switched between peak press




Brief introduction
ACD-1F Digital peak pressure gauge is a gauge with imported sensor, high performance, long life time, high precision, good stability and little maintenance features. This gauge working mode can be switched between peak pressure mode and digital pressure display mode. High acquisition speed can be 500 times per second. Figures display striking and fit for field, device configuration and lab very much.


Products patents
Patent for utility models
 ①ZL2009 2 0062360.9  《micro power consumption and low pressure drop sensor constant current drive circuit》

Product features
1. 11 units display: Pa  kPa  MPa  psi  bar  mbar  kgf/cm2  inH2O  mmH2O  inHg  mmHg
2. 500 times per second , peak is more accurate
3. peak pressure mode and digital pressure mode switch freely
4. work well under corrosive/ impacted/ vibrated environment
5. enhanced lightning protection technology
6. long life time, high accuracy and good stability
7. zero stable technology, increase the stability of the instrument
Product application:
8. measure the biggest suffer pressure and burst pressure of pressure pipe 
9. measure the biggest pressure in a period time of pipe
10. measure the laboratory, household appliances production, valves, pipe production process pressure
11. also can be used as general pressure gauge

Product parameter
1. Display unit: Pa  kPa  MPa  psi  bar  mbar  kgf/cm2  inH2O  mmH2O  inHg  mmHg
2. Measuring Range: Gauge Pressure: -0.1MPa~0~...~260MPa
                 Absolute Pressure: 0~0.035MPa~...~60MPa
3. Accuracy grade:  0.1  0.2  0.5
4. Power supply mode:  10-30VDC
5. Picking rate: 500 times per second
6. Stability Performance:  +0.2% FS per year
7. Operating temperature: -30℃~70℃
8. Relative humidity: <90% 
9. Barometric pressure: 86-106KPa
10. Others: Calibration reference operating temperature 20℃±2℃
0.05 accuracy requires operating temperature 0-50℃
11. Medium Temperature: General temperature range (-40~120)℃
                    Wide temperature range (-60~150)℃
12. Display mode: four figures dynamic display and percentage bar chart
13. Protection Degree: IP65
14. Exdl: ExiaIICT4 Ga
15. Overload Pressure: 1.5-3 times of measuring range, depending on the measuring range
16. Process Connection: Metric M20×1.5、M14×1.5、M14×1
             US/UK Standard: G1/2、G3/4、G1/8、G3/8, NPT 1/2、NPT 1/4、NPT 1/8
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